"traaittPlatform is a highly scalable, secure and fast cryptocurrency network, providing low fees and worldwide transfers at literally no cost."


traaittPlatform's highly scalable network.

traaittPlatforms total supply is 744,000,000,000.

Emissions Speed: 25 with a block time of 17 seconds

Emissions Curve: Non-linear to eliminate disruptive halving events

Reward: initial reward,17860, slightly decreasing over time

Currency Exchange

Windows (GUI)

Windows (CLI)

macOS (GUI)

macOS (CLI)

Linux (GUI)

Linux (CLI)


Milestones and Roadmap
January 1st
  • traaittPlatform network initation
  • activation
January 7th
  • traaittPlatform Enterprise activated Github Release
    • electron traaittPlatform client
    • supported public nodes accepted
    • fast chain syncing & coinbase transactions available
    • two different design modes with later update
January 17th
  • activated & registered official
    • traaittPlatform explorer / paperwallet
    • official public node list
    • realtime network data
    • transaction tx information
  • activated & registered consumable
    • traaittPlatform network wide accepted nodes:
January 23rd
  • traaittPlatform listing at Nanu.Exchange start trading
    • traaittPlatform / Bitcoin
February 1st
| Listing Roadmap
  • traaittPlatform future roadmap summary:
    • traaittPlatform listing on several exchanges
    • listing found donations, preferably in Bitcoin to its listed address on this page
| Future Roadmap
  • traaittPlatform user-friendly service*s integration
    • Android application & listing on its store
    • iPhone application development
  • eCommerce plugins for store integration
    • aggregation for interested partners.
    • traaittPlatform integration papers
  • traaittPlatform online cash gateway
    • exchange cryptocurrencies into ETRX
    • secured creditcard payment